Below is information about Waka Sabadell video original of the young girl who went viral on many platforms.

Do you love dancing and nightclubs in general? If so, this news might shock. The Worldwide sees how people react to the news that a minor has been attacked at the club. The questioners wanted to know about the whole incident as well as how the video became viral.

In this post we will cover the entire incident and video which has been viral on social networks. The Waka Sabadell original post contains all the details.

What’s the Waka Sabadal viral Video?

A video showing a 16 year-old minor girl being attacked at Waka Sabahl nightclub is going viral on social networks. In this viral video, a teenage minor girl was performing fellatio to a boy in middle of the dancefloor.

After the viral video went online, a young girl filed complaint alleging that she had been in an unsavory club.

Details of the Waka Sabadl Video Original

Shortly after the video went viral, a girl’s parents filed an accusation that she had been assaulted at Waka Sabadell last Friday. According to the report, the girl stated she asked for a drink at Waka Sabadell but that she couldn’t recall any details after that.

According to the police she said nothing about the incident. The parents of the girl asked police to ensure that no viral images were taken by the young girl.

The mother of the young girl said that her daughter felt guilty once they realized that her videos and pictures with the title Sabadell Video Original were becoming viral on the Internet. It was unethical. Her mother explained to them that she was just lost and she was submissive.

After her parents filed the complaint, the police demanded that the disco cease to exist. However, the young girl’s mother criticised the incident and stated that no one had done any to stop it.

Action by the Government on Viral Video

Tania, Minister for Equality and Feminism sent out a tweet after the incident was revealed. He asked that images and video of the little girl not be shared. Additionally, he stated that recording and sharing sensitive information is a crime.


A video made by a young girl in a nightclub called Waka Sabadell was virally shared on the internet. It is a crime, even though the police have taken the necessary steps to prevent people from sharing sensitive content online.

Are you aware any other developments for this trending clip? You can share your views below in the comment section.


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