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Did you know that taggers are required to tag films and series on all OTT platforms, such as Netflix? A tagger can earn between $50K and $70K annually. Taggers have flexible work hours and can work remotely from anywhere in the world, including United States and Canada. It sounds like a dream job, Netflix taggers.

We present complete information about the job profile of a Netflix tagger. Let’s take a look at Watchandtag Com Netflix.

More About was registered eight days ago on 7th November 2022. It will expire in the next 11 months and 22 days, 7th November 2023. The website was created in Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Redacted for Privacy’s privacy censorship services hide the owners’ information and contact details. is not registered by the Domain Name System (DNS). It is therefore not accessible in all parts of the world. It is therefore not possible to access the privacy policies, terms, customer support contact, and email.

About Watch the Tag Netflix Job :

Netflix employs native workers to tag the Netflix films and series. offers a job as a Netflix tagger. It is important to note that Netflix doesn’t endorse’s tagging jobs. Netflix has created significant tagging jobs in 2018 without any involvement from third parties.

If it is not their personal project to serve as a knowledge-base for Netflix shows, does not appear to be offering genuine tagger jobs. The mission and aims of remain unclear. To apply for a job as a tagger, you must register at

The legitimacy Netflix : received a horrible 1% trust score. Its IP address was not resolved. It is not known if the SSL certificate status has changed. The website only uses HTTPS connections. It does not support secured connections due to its HTTP status.


Due to a low trust score, the Netflix job listing seems a scam. is low in traffic and has a zero Alexa rank. Netflix doesn’t endorse Watchandtag as a source for outsourcing tagging . Website is not accessible in many countries. It is also unregistered according to Domain Name System (DNS). cannot be recommended because it uses an HTTP connection that does not have SSL certification.

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