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Did you know that the fame associated with Eat Bulaga (a variety TV show) was abused? However, Eat Bulaga is not related to JabolTV. At first, there was a number of theories about the source of the video and the identities of four women and the profession they worked in. The sekawan girls’ video was first widely watched in Indonesia and then spread to the Philippines eventually becoming an worldwide trend.

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The source of the video of sekawan girls leaked:

The viral video that is popular with the hashtag apatnababae dates to the 29th day of December, 2022! But, it was widely shared on social media starting on January 4, 2023. The video first appeared via JabolTV’s website JabolTV website on the 2nd of January 2023. JabolTV is a website for grown-ups featuring videos from seven well-known adult channels. JabolTV’s Full Video was leaked through TWITTER. JabolTV also offers a thorough search to find videos associated with Pinay girls ‘ videos.

Internet existence of the apatnababae video

JabolTV released a video file, “dmwm9by5hzr2”, with the tagline “If Eat Bulaga has dancers, Jabol TV has JabolTV Girls!”

JabolTV is also available on the mobile browser. The lower right-hand corner offers the option of importing the video that is 73.4 Megabytes. YouTube allows you to store the video in video-free. The video is in. MP4′ format, and is 00:03:22 minutes long.

The full video was not accessible on the internet at first in the beginning, and only 00:00.09 to 00:00:28 second censored clips were made available via social media. As time passed because of the extensive search results, social media users began to offer the video for exchange in exchange for liking or subscribing their channel.

Sekawan girl video for social media as well as Instagram

After that, at the close of the day, on 4th Jan 2023 the slogan for JabolTV became well-known and was changed into ” We are the JabolTV girls“. In this way, the internet users realized that the video was on JabolTV. JabolTV platform. The Reddit site, “viral_on_soc_med”, uploaded two videos featuring apatnababae. The posts on Reddit were asking concerning the identities of girls. “Knee_Some” is one of Redditusers, was the name. Reddit users has updated the name to “GAP Girl Name: Rai Fernandez.”

Identification for girls

Her profile Rai was visible via TikTok. The profile was praised by her gorgeous body and slim figure. Rai immediately thanked her fans. Rai has an impressive number of followers along with thousands of TikTokers watched as well as liked the videos. Rai typically posts general dance and vlogs to TikTok.

The public was assuming that the four girls came originally from Indonesia until the picture of Ria was made public by TIKTOK. On the 6th of Jan 2023 it was announced the four sisters were Filipino and Ria’s cousins/sisters!

4 Pinay girls video’s taglines that are the basis of the video:

The video was therefore identified with the tag the 4 Gap Girls Telegram link, JabolTV girls, sekawan girls, Empat girls, apatnababae 4, Pinay girls, etc. It is also closely related to Indonesian and Filipino languages.


There were two components of the four Gap Girls video. Both videos appeared on social media on the 4th of January 2023. The videos showed four cousins wearing various outfits, including skirts, Bardot shorts, asymmetrical, as well as T-shirts. In both videos the girls showed off their bodies and commenting on their looks.

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