Chirs Ingham, a YouTube vlogger, started his channel as “The Ingham family” in 2015. It’s a family channel where all members of the family are featured. Most videos are about him and his family touring, traveling, adventure, etc. Chirs was married to Sarah and has five kids. His fans are still questioning the fate of Chirs Ingham. Let’s now get to the point.

The YouTube journey of Chir Ingham was a success. However, everything changed when Chris Ingham came under suspicion of sending inappropriate messages to young women fans. Police received a report on July 9 that Simpson, a 16-year old girl, was reached via social media while she was on holiday. Although she was excited to take a photograph with him, that was all she wanted. Chirs then asks her to meet him in her hotel room. Many female fans become confused about Chirs’s actions towards female fans.

Viral Talent ended their work as a manager with The Ingham Family because of several of his actions. Viral Talent took over management of The Ingham Family.” This tweet was published in July 2018. After multiple teenage girls accused Chris of harassment, this statement was made.

What did Chris Ingham do?

His female fans accused him repeatedly of sending inappropriate messages. His accusers are under-19-year-old girls. Although he has sent numerous abusive messages, the most shocking message he received from the 19-year old girl is “how she was gorgeous” and “he loves her pictures.” She felt awkward but didn’t know how to handle it.

Chirs asked Bella Fearn, a 19-year-old fan to send him nude photos after promising he would make her a social media star. Chris asked Jessica Simpson (16 years old) to send him nude pictures. He told her that he wanted to do “skinny-dipping” with her.

Chirs broke with his silence and stated that he wasn’t guilty. His wife Sarah and Chirs clarified that they had been bullied and harassed throughout their journey as YouTube stars.

Chris Ingham Messages

Social media has leaked Chirs Ingham’s messages to female fans. His threatening messages were also circulated via social media. One of her worst messages was from a girl aged 19 who posted a selfie to social media. He sent her an unwelcome message and told her to drop the towel.

Chris Ingham Family

Chirs is married. He is married to Sarah and has five children. They have five children: Isabelle, Esme and Isla. Jace and Mila are his grandchildren. His youtube channel, “The Ingham family”, features all his family members. He and his wife also share their family’s adventures via Instagram and Snapchat. His Instagram account also features many photos and selfies of his children, in addition to his inline skating content.

Chirs ingham was born on July 13, 1984 in England. His zodiac sign is cancer. Many women have made many allegations against Chirs. He denies all allegations. The family claims that we live in fear despite all the incidents. Viral Talent was fired by The Ingham Family because of several of his actions.


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