People are seeking out their biography on Georgina Njenga, who is a YouTuber, content producer TikToker influencer, and internet star. This biography on Georgina Njenga as well as other information are listed here. Georgina Njenga is well-known as a YouTuber, content creator, TikToker, influencer, and online celebrity. Date of Georgina Njenga’s birth was September 9th 2001. Georgina Njenga is expected to turn 21 in 2023. Being a Youtuber, content creator, TikToker, influencer, and online celebrity Georgina Njenga is very well-known.

What happened to Georgina Njenga?

A steamy video of Kenyan YouTuber Georgina Njenga dating actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha has been posted online. Georgina dances in a birthday dress in the leak of the Telegram video. In a message to a local journalist, Georgina is now claiming that her ex-boyfriend, who was upset over the relationship she has with Tyler Mbaya alias Baha, might have leaked the video.

“It was at the age of 17 when I met somebody I liked,” says Georgina.

Georgina states she is not sure about the motivations for the man’s admission.

Georgina Njenga Video

On several social media websites unrelated videos of a gorgeous woman believed to be Georgina wearing a birthday dress is being shared on the internet. The video features the beautiful woman wearing her birthday dress flailing her waist and dancing. On the clip, she also exposed her intimate parts. The viral video posted on the BNN website BNN has caused a snort among internet users.

Georgina Njenga Latest News

The comments made on the video that the young mother leaked is certain to make her mad However, her spouse has offered to be a shoulder to her to be able to cry on. In the aftermath of the video leak the dad of one took to social media to show his gratitude to his beloved. Thespian Georgina shared a photo with him, and he gently marked the image in two hearts emoticons. This is a sign that Baha loves his wife and doesn’t care about what people think about Georgina due to the leak of the film.


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