Yumble was founded by Joanna Parker, and David Parker. David is the CEO of the company. To provide healthy meals for their children, the husband and wife created the company. The couple started by teaching their children healthy meals. How parents struggle with this. Parkers observed that mothers were the hardest hit. They wanted to help these mothers. The company was founded by the couple in June 2017, and it became available via Shark Tank. Healthy meals for children are available for as low as $6.99 to $7.99 with shipping included. These meals are easy to prepare and take less than 30 seconds. Each meal comes with cute toys that the children can play with.

The company is located in New Jersey, and has made millions in sales across the state. This company is a great option for busy parents who don’t have the time or desire to cook. Joanna Parker was skeptical at first, thinking that no one would buy ready-made meals for their kids. After speaking with several moms via Facebook, her fears were dispelled. All agreed that they would purchase such meals for their children, and thought it was a brilliant idea. This is how Yumble was born. Yumble employs approximately 20 people.

What happened to Yumble after Shark Tank?

When they appear on Shark Tank, entrepreneurs pitching profitable ventures share one goal: to get an offer from one of the Sharks. David and Joanna Parker’s company, Yumble, was exactly that. Forbes reports that the Parkers and Bethenny Frankel made a “handshake agreement… but it never materialized” after they pitched their healthy food delivery service for children.

The good news was about to come for the Parkers. Forbes reports that the couple secured funding for their meal delivery company. The attention they received from appearing on “Shark Tank”, helped to boost the company’s growth. Yumble’s website reveals that it still exists and offers subscriptions.

What is Yumble Worth in Value?

The company was launched in 2017. The company had already made millions of sales and nearly 1.3 million dollars. The company’s success on social media has allowed it to surpass its $5 million sales target. Many young parents have adopted Yumble as a favorite trend. People order food for as low as $80 per person most of the time. This has resulted in increased sales and an increase in the company’s net worth. The company is now able to make even greater profits online with Shark.

According to reports, profits have grown to 8.3 million dollars annually. This is an incredible feat, as the company has been able to achieve so much success in just six years. The company’s net wealth is mainly derived through its sales. The rest comes from different investments. The company’s net worth is expected to rise as it grows, even though it is still in its infancy.


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