A man realizes that he is not the best man at the wedding because he has no friends. Read Why So Many Men have No Real Friends to find out more.

Do you have any friends you can count upon in difficult times? If so, please tag them on the comment section. But, this is not always the case. You may find people who are outgoing, talkative and yet have no friends.

A lot of people in Canada, the United States, and Canada have stated that they don’t have any friends or family to rely on after reading a study. Read the entire study. If so, please continue reading Why So Many Men have No Real Friends article.

What is the story of the story?

Why do men seem to be so isolated from their friends? MAX DICKINS got anxious when planning his wedding. He couldn’t think of anyone who was worthy of being his best man. This realization sparked a journey that was both hilarious and heartfelt to address the age-old problem.

Additional Details

Max Dickins can be a great guy to spend time with. He is sociable, talkative, and has great manners. The only thing he lacks on Why Do So Many Men Haven’t Real Friends, or what he didn’t have until recently, are any genuine friends.

The backstory

Dickins is 34 years old and says, “I didn’t realise I was alone.” His only contact list included his work colleagues. He searched his network and came across the shocking realization on Why So Many Men Don’t Have Real Friends. While he had many acquaintances and work partners, he still had no close male friends.

He stated that “like so many guys, I don’t have any close male friends.” This made me wonder: “How did it happen?”

The Study

According to Harvard University, an astonishing 61 per cent of young Americans and 36% worldwide report feeling “severe lonely,” according to a Harvard University study. Cigna healthcare polls found that 54% of American adults believe that “nobody understands me well.” This situation is known as Why Do So Many Men Haven’t Real Friends. As we get more isolated and become addicted to our smartphones, it gets worse.


A May 2021 survey showed that the percentage of American men reporting having “no friends” has increased fivefold since 1990. This affects almost one out six American men.

Most of the reasons for our culture’s isolation predate the global pandemic. What do YOU think? What do you think? You can comment below about Why So Many Men have No Real Friends.


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