Find exclusive reviews that are not available elsewhere on the Wise Text Message Scam to verify its legitimacy and avoid being conned.

Did you received a text message about an 22,000 NZD payment that was taken out of your bank account at a specific date? An enigma has been spotted across the United Kingdom since the second quarter of 2022. You are probably aware of scams involving phishing. Did you know about scams involving smishing? Would you like to learn the legitimacy of these messages, and other related information?

After that, you can read this article until the very end to discover more about the Smart Text Message Scam.

About Wise SMS Text Scam:

Numerous sources online discovered that the information about Wise debiting 2,000 from the account of users has been circulated since the month of May 2022. The most recent message alerted users that their accounts would be refunded 22,000 NSD from May 3rd (or) June 6, 2022.

A screen shot of the text that was posted on the web showed that the message was sent from +61(448)342-733. The message included a link for and, advising the users to click on the link to cancel the payment deduction.

What’s does the Intelligent Text Scam is working?

The text is an Scam since the official website for Wise can be found at The and are scam website that takes advantage of the wise brand. Whatever the name of the site that is mentioned in the advertisement, most ignorant users aren’t familiar with Internet dreadfuls.

The fraudsters try to get the attention of inexperienced users by making them feel panicked and causing them to click the link. The links on these websites are shady and focus on the personal and financial information of users. Furthermore, clicking on such hyperlinks also permits the site to download mini-apps, ads and malware onto the user’s device with no permission.

Avoiding Wise Text Message Scam:

Wise has provided help on avoiding phishing scams on their website at Wise has advised its customers to stay clear of clicking on hyperlinks in emails and to check if the site URL is incorrectly spelled (or) identical to

Wise has warned its customers that fake websites might attempt to steal details about payment cards, card numbers and even the identity of their customers. Therefore, it is advised to avoid the messages.

If the customers find a message including a different website URL (or) in case the customers believe that the message might be a missing attempt, they can contact wise customer support at

But, there is a Facebook group that includes smart customers who have faced the Wise Text Message Scam and other fraud that is related to smart. The majority of complaints posted within this group revealed that the victim transferred funds from their account but the recipient did not receive the money.

Conclusion: is a site which assists with sending payments overseas at lower transfer rates. is a genuine site that has been around since the 7th day of March in 1994. It was previously named TransferWise. has a trust rating of 86 percent. But, scammers profit of its popularity through plotting and sending out smishes and targeting inexperienced users’ personal information and payment data.

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