Zerogravity Playpkxd com has shared details of a game online that is in its closed test phase prior to its launch on PC.

Are you looking to experience zero gravity and embark on an incredible adventure with your pals? PK XD is an online multiplayer game in which players engage in various activities, such as fishing, learning and even adopting pets along with their companions.

The game first became available for Android and iOS however, just a few days ago, its PC version was made available and has since been a hit in nations like Brazil as well as Indonesia. Users can download the game on their personal computer and take advantage of its many features. Zerogravity has more about this game, so read on to the final.

Play PK XD on Personal Computer:

PK XD is an online game developed through Afterverse Games on 12th July 2019; at first, it was released as a game that could be played on mobile devices using iOS and Android platforms. Players online in Mexico and India played the game on their mobile devices.

  • The game for PC was released on the 14th of April in 2022.
  • The latest version of the game’s version is .57 .0 It has a size of 450.49 Megabytes.
  • It is compatible with Macintosh as well as Windows 64-bit.

Download from Zerogravity Playpkxd at:

The minimum requirements required for Windows operating system are 64-bit 2GB RAM, in addition to 1.5 GB storage. It is essential for users to be aware that the download for PC is an open test version which means that the developers are prepared to provide any suggestions on improvements.

  • It is available for download from windows 8 to 11, Vista and XP.
  • Select”download” and then click the “download now” button.
  • Check out the instructions on the closing test and accept the guidelines on the close test and accept.
  • Start the file and click Run.
  • After downloading from the Zerogravity Website Create your Account by selecting” New Player”.
  • Create an account using your email address and take advantage of your time in the PK XD universe.

What are the possibilities for a player on the PK XD platform?

The game’s creator has offered the player a wide range of choices to participate in PK XD. Apart from engaging in games, there’s many other things that players can take part in.

  • They are able to become part of in the PK XD community and give their comments.
  • They can be zombies, unicorns, dragons or witches.
  • Certain mini-games like crazy-fun, permit the player to be involved in races.
  • Deliveries of food and pets to count are additional choices.

Zerogravity for getting gems and coins:

Gems and coins are the game’s currency. PKXD. Gamers are required to buy different items to boost their levels.

  • Players can offer pizza and juices of fruit at shops for a few coins.
  • Running a race can be rewarded with coins and tickets.
  • To find gems, play five mini-games or locate the boxes that surprise you in the game’s environment.


PK Game was played over 100 million times from the Google Play Store and is rated 4.6. Zerogravity Playpkxd com believes that after the testing phase for the game is completed on PC and Mac, the normal version will include new players into the. PK XD players can share their thoughts about the PC version by commenting in the section below.


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